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Broadening Your Horizons over Maine
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Long considered to be the safest state in the United States, Maine offers the tourist a wonderful opportunity to experience captivating mountainous scenery along with a culture infused with vivacious intrigue. As the lush forests of summer give way to the serenity of winter, you’ll find that your interest never wanes and your opportunities never dulled with the expansive range of recreational activities. In addition to its stunning outdoors, Maine is famous for its local cuisine that’s celebrated in some of the finest seafood restaurants in the northeast.

Maine ways of doing things

Maine sits perched on the northeast corner of the United States; a location that comes with some marked economic advantages. As it borders both the United States and Canada, it acts as a convenient focal point for tourists from both countries who wish to experience all that Maine has to offer. As well as this, hugging the Atlantic also confers benefits to prospective visitors from across the pond; as many tours stop off at the port as part of a wider trip. This cross cultural web of tourism has had huge benefits for the economy of Maine in recent years.

Summertime reflects the peak of this interest as tens of thousands flock to engage in the many outdoor activities on offer. One such common activity is hiking. Maine itself is dominated by many mountainous peaks such as Mount Katahdin, Sugarloaf Mountain and Old Speck Mountain. This rugged landscape offers the visitor a chance to take advantage of the many hiking trails available. These trails cater for all levels and standards with many, of course, supplemented with a professional tour guide. These trails are also peppered with a whole spectrum of wildlife that serves to enhance the hiking experience even more.

Wildly Exciting

Witnessing the wildlife of Maine in action can become a transformative and inspiring experience. Both fauna and flora can be marveled in activities such as hiking, as well as canoeing and kayaking tours. Such canoeing tours are ideal for the family as everyone is taught from scratch, giving the opportunity to spend time appreciating the effulgent summer surroundings. If learning to canoe isn’t for you, then taking a boat trip down meandering river routes is an ideal alternative. One way or the other, getting a view of some of the wildlife of Maine should be considered a must.

Some of the best opportunities to enjoy the fauna and flora in Maine, can be found by visiting some of the 30 state parks that Maine offers. The Aroostook State Park, for example, holds the distinction of being Maine’s first state park and this is reflected in its 800 acres of abundant forestry and lakes. Here, you can take the time to enjoy picnicking, swimming, boating and even camping. This is the ideal time for you to relax and take pleasure in lush surroundings.


Food for Thought

That itinerary, of course, would not be complete without sampling the maritime cuisine of Maine. This corner of the United States is famed for its succulent lobster and clam dishes whose fresh appeal is known the world over. Moreover, you’ll find that many restaurants will offer these dishes at very competitive prices which makes the experience that much more appealing. One of the most notable restaurants is the award winning The Lobster Shack at Two Lights which offers an incredible array of delicious maritime dishes while you overlook the rocky shores of Cape Elizabeth. Enhance your visit to Maine by taking the time to try out some of these fantastic dishes.

One of the main reasons you should visit this corner of New England is that it offers something for everyone in the family. The marriage of striking surroundings, wide ranging activities, and the oozing of cultural and culinary effusions should confirm any visit to this spectacular part of the United States.

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